Festive Fashion Looks with Dolls of Decadence

Dolls of Decadence Fashion House

This week I’ve decided to collaborate with Dolls of Decadence a trendsetting Birmingham based Fashion Haus in the Jewellery Quarter.

Dolls of Decadence was founded by Paulinah Sampson Eboh an extremely talented and creative designer. Her designs are stylish, edgy and bound to keep you at the forefront of fashion.

All of Paulinah’s amazing pieces are handmade, her line covers a spectrum ranging from custom pieces, occasion wear and a Cheap and Chic collection.

The reason I contacted Paulinah is because I like the fact that her clothes are effortlessly cool, fun and sexy.

Sexy Christmas Fashion Looks

I love Christmas because it’s the season to be jolly and get merry on sherry. It’s also the time to showcase your favourite sartorial looks.

Christmas Fashion is brilliant because it’s versatile we chose to collaborate on two sexy fun festive looks.

Makeda Bowen Sarcastic Slogan Apparel

Serving sass in Dolls of Decadence

If you’ve read this blog before then you might have guessed that I can be sarcastic as hell hence the name of my company! The Bye Bitch Quiz T-shirt encapsulates this sentiment.

Mystere's Closet Bye Bitch Quiz T-shirt

Take the Quiz.

Sarcastic Slogan Apparel Makeda Bowen

Bye Bitch Quiz T-shirt

I designed this t-shirt because I like alliteration and wanted to find a rude witty way to display my enjoyment of words. Hopefully someone will like it. You can buy the Bye Bitch tshirt from my store for £12.88

Paulinah decided to pair the Bye Bitch custom tee with her Hype suspender mini skirt because she thought it was funny.

The incandescent red skirt and font make this the perfect Christmas outfit. It’s funny sassy and sexy.

I loved the fit of the Hype skirt, its very comfortable to wear and doesn’t ride up when you walk.

It’s double stitched so adds extra support and will hold you in if required.

Makeda Bowen Sarcastic Slogan Apparel

This trendy skirt will accentuate most figures and is extremely affordable at £27.00.

I enjoyed wearing this amazing outfit and got lots of compliments.

If you love this fashionable skirt or think its the perfect gift for someone you like or both grab one here.

Makeda Bowen

Pic by Chris Connorton

Add a cool Christmas Coat to stay hot

We decided to complete this fabulous ensemble with one of my favourite coats because we are aware that it’s cold outside.

Mystere's Closet Fashion Blog

Christmas Style goals

You can also wear this outfit with the fabulous Throw Shade not Shoes T-shirt from our line. Grab it here.

Sarcastic Slogan Apparel

Throw Shade not Shoes ladies

I really liked the overall look and would definitely implore you to check out the Dolls of Decadence website as you won’t be disappointed.

AW18 Fashion Trends Wet Look

Vinyl, patent,rubber, leather and any shiny waterproof fabric are extremely fashionable this season.

Paulinah has created this extremely beautiful shiny vinyl mermaid style midi skirt. The Lilleth skirt is great value for £70 as it’s unique and extremely comfortable. I’m used to feeling constricted in my wet look clothes and was surprised that I was able to walk freely.

Buy the Lilleth vinyl skirt here now.

Wet look skirts work this season!

This wet look skirt is well made and is definitely a much needed addition to your wardrobe.

This mermaid skirt is perfect and you can pair it was almost any top. We chose to partner it with the I’m not Late custom tee.

This tshirt is perfect for Fashionistas that make their own rules and don’t conform to the concept of time aka late chicks.

Buy it from Sarcastic Slogan Apparel for just under £15.00.

We wanted a cool statement look that would encapsulate the AW18 trend in an accessible way.

We have two versions of the I’m not Late T-shirt. I added an emoji to soften the blow of waiting for your late loved one.

Be sure to visit the Dolls of Decadence store and Sarcastic Slogan Apparel website for your fashion essentials.

The pictures below were taken by Gurpal Dhopur and edited by Tara Rock of Rockin Photographie

The pics above were taken by Chris Connorton of C Squared Photography. View his insta here.

Makeup by Ammana of Kat Von D Wolverhampton.

Catch up with you soon😘😘






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