Novelty T-shirts for you

6 Cool T-shirts to buy

Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it’s the perfect time to buy a cool T-shirt! At the time of writing this post #TShirtDay is trending on Twitter. So I decided that I needed hurry up and write this week’s blog.

We’ve been busy at Sarcastic Slogan Apparel and I’m glad that I can show you some novelty tee’s for Christmas or any other time of the year.

If you like cool graphic tees then look no further.

1. Dog Lovers T-shirt

Our stunning model Elessame makes dog feeding glam

If you’re a pet owner then you probably have to leave parties,dates and concerts to feed your beloved pet. Ok probably not but I must confess I have used the excuse of feeding my cat to get out of boring events early.

2. Going Home to Feed my Cat T-shirt

Initially I designed the Going Home to feed my cat T-shirt first but realized that dogs are just as popular of not more so (hmm). This cat t-shirt is perfect for animal lovers and children. If you love Pugs then you’re in luck live the Puglife.

Going Home to Feed my Cat T-Shirt


If you like either of these T-shirts you can buy them here and here.

3. Lovesick or sick of love T-Shirt

Lovesick or Sick of Love T-Shirt
The gorgeous Emiola looks great but is she Lovesick or sick of love?

If you like puns then this is the perfect t-shirt for you, it also makes a great gift for cynical people or anyone who likes emojis. Our T-shirts retail for between £15-£20 depending on your location and they are also shipped internationally. Show solidarity with single pringles or haters of love in this pessimistic shirt that will make a few people laugh.  If you need this t-shirt in your life grab it from our website.

4. Why Work Hard When You Can Chill T-Shirt?

Why Work Hard When You Can Chill T-Shirt

If you know anyone that is extremely laid back then you should get them the Why Work Hard When You can Chill T-shirt. This design was inspired by my lack of work ethic during the wonderful summer. This fab t-shirt is available in several colors and sizes.

5. Hoe, Hoe, Hoe T-Shirt

This funny and provocative t-shirt was designed for gardeners, no I’m lying it was because we have a puerile sense of humor and liked that ho and hoe sound the same. Buy it for some festive fun and to wear under the mistletoe. This shirt is unisex and available in several sizes and colors. If you like it you’ll definitely get lucky here. Order it soon to get it for Christmas.



Hoe, Hoe, Hoe T-Shirt Mystere's Closet


6. #Bodygoals T-Shirt

This is the perfect T-Shirt to kick off your 2019 fitness regimen after all December is all about eating, drinking and being merry. If your body is your temple all year round then look no further this is the perfect t-shirt for you!

If you want to wear it as an ironic statement then this is also the shirt for you. So whether you want to join the #fitfam or just want a cool t-shirt then get hold of one of our #Bodygoals tees. We also have a #Bodygoals shirt that has an asterisk that reads *but I love the cake though if your after my own heart.

We have over 67 designs online some are available on Shopify and Merch by Amazon. All of our t-shirts are available in different colors and sizes including XXXL. We ship internationally and try to have something for everyone.

Don’t forget to visit the website and follow me on insta


Pictures by Gurpal Dhupar aka Bollywood Photographer edits by Rockin Photographie

Makeup by Ammana of Kat Von D Wolverhampton.


Models:Elessame talented and beautiful UK singer and the stunning Emiola Onafuwa.


Until next time xxx


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