T-Shirts are a great Xmas present for you!

Merry Christmas T-shirts

Christmas is around the corner woohoo! There are a whopping 50 days left for you to do your Christmas shopping.

So there is plenty of time to grab our cute Xmas T-shirts online.

The last few weeks have been extremely busy for Sarcastic Slogan Apparel. Our designs have been accepted onto Amazon’s Print on Demand fulfillment scheme Merch by Amazon.

It’s great news because Amazon will print and deliver our designs. Merch by Amazon is prestigious and lots of applicants wait months to be accepted we’re very pleased that we have been approved.

Amazon Xmas T-shirts

It’s going to Reindeer!

We have two Christmas designs on Amazon. Our cute reindeer pun t-shirt is good fun for the family and is bound to spread Christmas Cheer. Feliz Navidad 😆

The funny Reindeer T-shirt is available to Men, Women and Children and you can buy it here for $19.99. Be a fashionista this Christmas with our funny slogan tees.

The Perfect Christmas Present

If sarcasm is your thing you’ll love this gift.

This funny Christmas T-shirt will delight anyone that is a fan of bad Christmas jokes and puns. Its the perfect shirt to wear on Xmas day whilst surrounded by friends and family. The design is unisex and also available in kids sizes.

You can also buy this design on Amazon for $19.99.

Celebrate Good Times

If you don’t celebrate Christmas but love a celebration then buy our Happy Everything to Everyone Shirt.

It covers almost every celebration so is a good bargain for those of you on a budget.

The All Holidays design is also on Amazon so you can gift it to your loved ones.

Christmas Unicorn T-shirt

If you have any loved ones that are obsessed with Unicorns then look no further. The Unicorns don’t wear Uniforms T-shirt is a must have. The cool design should appeal to all Unicorn fans. The slogan is catchy even if I say so myself.

There are variations of these designs at the Shopify Store.

If you prefer this version buy it here😊

If you want less presents under your tree then this shirt is definitely for you.

If you prefer your reindeer to have large antlers visit the shop.

We also have this cheeky Hoe,Hoe, Hoe shirt which is brilliant for those of you that love puns.

This T-shirt is available in several colours and sizes.

There are plenty of festive gifts for you at our store so enjoy shopping.



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