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Sorry What?

Sorry that I’ve relatively inactive on my blog and social media but I’ve been busy working with my partner on developing our own line of Sarcastic Slogan T-Shirts.

It’s really exciting to present you with sarcastic slogans from the dark recesses of our minds!

We have launched our own range of slogan t-shirts in August after I had an epiphany whilst working on a boring assignment.

Why Sarcastic Slogan Tees?

We decided to concentrate on sarcasm because we often share very sarcastic jokes. However as the design process developed we included a range of slogans but hey we still like the name.

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If you like Xmas or Cardi B you’ll probably like this.

Sarcastic Slogans Tees on Shopify

Mystere's Closet Sarcastic Slogans
Excuse me Bruv I’m Vegan Bitch ☺

You can view the whole range on shopify. There are over 30 designs and we can supply worldwide, you simply have to be aware of customs fees.

Affordable Funny Slogan T-Shirts

Our T-shirts are affordable, quirky and stylish. We really hope that you like them.

Moda Feminina
Throw Dollars not Shade
Sarcasm for every season
Unicorns don’t wear uniforms

All of the fabulous pictures of me were taken by the superstar Tara Rock of Rockin Photographie.

You can view her website here, she’s absolutely amazing and I couldn’t recommend her enough. Tara is extremely professional and always gets cool shots .

Makeup is by Ammana of Kat Von D Wolverhampton she’s the best.

Don’t forget to visit the Store here.

You can also see images on instagram:


Or http://www.instagram.com/mystere21m


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