Top Fashion Bloggers

I’ve joined the ranks of the most popular fashion bloggers!

I am now featured on a fashion app where some of the top bloggers worldwide showcase their style.

You can view my channels on the newest Fashion App Pinionate.

Pinionate is an app that allows you to pin your favorite looks by bloggers and swipe left or right on looks you like or dislike.

My Fashion Blog Channels

I have 5 Channels: Cool T-Shirts, Playful Pencil Skirts, Daring Denim, Bold Flirty Dresses and Eyewear.

I’m really pleased that Pinionate like my style enough to include me with the best bloggers they could find.

For bloggers it’s an opportunity to expand your audience because you can include links to your blog or social media accounts. It’s an international platform so its definitely a great way to attract different markets.

Bloggers can also record content to enable you to engage with your followers.

Pinionate is the latest App for Fashion Bloggers and is available as a WordPress Plugin.

It’s currently available for IPhone users. I don’t have an IPhone so don’t have access to all of the features but I have found it easy to use and uploaded my content using my Samsung.

I’m really glad that I’m one of the bloggers featured on an app that has only recently been launched especially as my blog is almost one year old.

Check out Pinionate here

You can look at my channels using this link ☺


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