Polka Dot Summer Fashion Trends 2018

Fashion report: Polka dots hit the spot this summer!

Polka Dot Fashion 2018
Going Polka Dotty

You’ve probably spotted fashionistas wearing polka dots this summer. Polka dots are one of the big trends of the season. This is great news if you already have a polka dot ensemble in your wardrobe. If not I’ve picked a few fashionable items for you.

Summer Polka Dot Outfits on Ebay

Ebay has a diverse selection of polka dot outfits that are the height of fashion , I’ve picked dresses and co-ords.

Ebay is a trusted seller and all of these outfits will arrive at the end of August. Every outfit is available from size 6 to 16.

Black and white polka dots is a classic style combination. Be inspired by a dalmatian and look chic this summer.

In all seriousness you can’t go wrong with black and white it’s a winning partnership . This extremely fashionable co-ord is great for summer because it is modern and cool. It’s one of the main women’s fashion looks this year.

Combining polka dots and stripes is risky but this maxi dress executes it with aplomb. The dress is stylish and sophisticated. It will look great on tall people but I still want it.

The price is excellent value for such an unusual dress. I can’t believe that it is less than £5.00.

If you fancy a simpler polka dot dress for the summer then look no further! This maxi dress is available in 3 colours and can be worn almost anywhere. It’s the perfect outfit that’s why I’ve added it to this blog.

The smaller dots give it a more subtle look but its lovely.

Despite being labelled as a plus size dress, this gorgeous asymmetric chocolate brown polka dot dress is available from size 6 to 20.

Ebay has lots of affordable polka dot dresses for this summer.

I love this red and white dress because it reminds me of a sultry temptress. It’s flirty, fun and most importantly affordable.

Get Spotted in Missguided Polka Dots

Missguided has a few polka dot outfits, the dress above is my favourite because it will suit most people. A red and white midi can look sleek or playful depending on your hair and accessories.

Love Island fans you can wear the same dress as Laura from Love Island. The price is reasonable and you can get next day delivery which is brilliant. You might even meet the love of your life whilst wearing it.

Be a Prettylittlething in Polka Dots

This marvellous mustard crop top is part of a co-ord. You can wear it with a variety of colours,skirts, shorts or with jeans.

If you would like a polka dot skort then Prettylittlething is the place for you. Wear it with a vest top if you don’t want to buy the top.

Aliexpress Summer Polka Dot Outfits

Aliexpress is known for selling affordable fashionable outfits. They have a large variety of summer polka dot outfits.

Always refer to the reviews and size guide to check if the outfit will fit you. If you have any queries contact the seller before you buy.

If you fancy a pair of polka dot trousers these ones are cool for summer,they’re a good fit for a relaxing summer day. The elasticated waist makes them a good choice for a meal.😆

This navy dress is nice for work or a formal occasion. It looks more expensive than it is which is great.

I like this red maxi skirt because it is vibrant, wear it with a black or white top for a stylish look.

Both of these tops can be casual or dressy. If you don’t want to wear an entire polka dot outfit these are cute pieces that can be worn with a lot of options.

You can get formal or casual with the items I’ve selected for you. Expect to wait at least 6 weeks for your items although most things arrive within 3 weeks.

My outfit

My outfit is 4 years old. I bought it on Aliexpress for £12.00.

The top didn’t fit properly so I customised it. I changed the top by cutting it up and tying it together.

I wanted to modernise it for this season because most of the polka dot tops are tied up at the front.

Mystere's Closet Polka Dots
Thinking about my love of polka dots

Mystere's Closet Polka Dots

If you want to get a similar look try these pieces from Aliexpress.

Black and white look good with red but I chose to wear yellow shoes and red earrings.

I like these earrings because they are sassy. They arrived within 3 weeks and are brilliant.

If you are dotty about polka dots or hate them please let me know. You can follow this fashion blog and comment.

Otherwise check out my instagram posts




Feeling shady in my Polka Dots

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