Affordable Bodycon Vest Dresses and Strappy Sandals are Summer Essentials

 Where to buy a Bodycon Vest Dress?

Finding a vest dress online during the summer is a pretty difficult task, I kid you not.

Enjoying the horticulture in my vest dress

The dress in the above picture is a customised version of the Red Ribbed Cold Shoulder dress from Pretty Little Thing.

I bought the dress in April but the straps were too long. I shortened them and removed the sleeves.

I have kept the sleeves to enable me to have a more versatile look.

Mystere's Closet Vest Dress Review
The sleeves are cute but too hot for the summer

I prefer the look of a basic vest dress so I set out to find more.

Mystere's Closet Vest Dress Review
Birmingham Botanical Gardens is beautiful

Vest dresses are popular this summer

I scoured the Internet to find a bodycon vest dress but a lot of them are not in stock.

Pretty Little Thing still has a few left but in limited sizes and colours, hopefully they will add more to the range. Take a look but its a bit disappointing because their dresses are really good value.

The fact that most have been sold proves that bodycon dresses are imperitive this summer.

Vest dresses are perfect for keeping cool in the sweltering summer heat.

They are extremely versatile and can be worn with most accessories.

I like vest dresses because they are easy to wear and can be casual or smart depending on the fit.

Bodycon Vest Dresses from online vendors

Nasty Gal has a few bodycon vest dresses that you can get with ease, they range from a UK size 6-14.

You can pay £2.99 for next day delivery, the colourful bodycon vest dresses are more expensive than the neutral ones.

Asos has a selection of vest dresses some of them are from other retailers.

Asos charges between £3.00 and £8.00 for delivery but you can get the dress of your dreams within days.

Aliexpress has the cheapest vest dresses and a wider choice of colours. However the fit and waiting times vary. If ordering refer to the size guide and reviews.

Strappy Sandals

You can wear a bodycon vest dress with any type of footwear. If you want to be casual wear trainers or flats.

I’m into strappy sandals at the moment because they elongate my legs. I think strappy sandals look interesting and keep your feet cool.

Here are a few of the my favourites:

Each of these pairs look beautiful and are relatively inexpensive when compared to the High Street.

I love the fact that these sandals are available in bright and bold colours. Bold colours are huge this season.

I can’t comment on the fit but hopefully they’re comfortable as there is nothing worse than summer blisters😳.

Denim jacket

Mystere's Closet Denim jacket review
This jacket is cool

Mystere's Closet Backless Denim Jacket

I bought this denim jacket from Aliexpress 3 months ago and it arrived within 3 weeks.

It’s been so hot in England I’ve had no cause to wear a jacket since then.

I like this jacket but I’ve customised it to make the waist more fitted as it’s a slightly odd length. The jacket rested on my hips but was baggy and I did not like it.

The model in the picture is petite so it is looser on her and looks better in my opinion. The fabric in the stock image is a different type of denim so this jacket does not look as edgy but it is still nice.

I do like the jacket but if you order it be aware that it is small because I ordered a large and its about a UK size 8. I have small wrists and the buttons just about fit me.

I like the design because it’s very unique.

I bought mine from the Pink_Popcorn Store for £17.69, thankfully there was no shipping fee .

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I hope you find the perfect vest dress and Strappy Sandal combo.

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