Affordable Summer Outfits and Accessories for less than £10

12 Affordable Summer clothes and accessories for you!

This week I will show you 12 of my favourite affordable summer items from Aliexpress,Romwe and Boohoo.

Mystere's Closet Summer Fashion Moda Feminina
Looking All-white 😎😎

1. Aliexpress

I bought this white Bardot Dress from the LDZHPS Pudding Store for £4.94.

The fabric is polyester it’s definitely different to the one used in the main image but I like it nonetheless. You can see a difference because there is no gathering at the top of my dress.

This cute dress is really affordable and it arrived within 6 weeks. The seller didn’t apply a shipping fee which might account for the delay.

I ordered the medium it fits because of the elasticated waist band. I think that anyone up to a UK size 12-14 could wear it because it’s very stretchy.

The cut out detail is really pretty and I got a lot of compliments when I wore it.

I’m 5’4 and it fits just above the knee so it might be shorter on a taller person.

Mystere's Closet Summer Fashion Review Moda Feminina
This fabric is quite cooling

Mystere's Closet Summer Dress Review

2, Boohoo

Affordable Summer Clothes are cute!

Boohoo is selling this sexy strapless bodycon dress for £4.00, which is pretty amazing. This fabulous summer dress is available in 3 more colours. You will have to pay £4.99 delivery cost unless you have a promo discount code.

I will buy this because it’s affordable and stylish.

3 . Romwe

Mystere's Closet Bargain Summer outfits
I’ve got your back with these bargains

I’ve definitely got your back by hooking you up with this T-shirt

I think this T-shirt is extremely funny, it’s also good value at £6.21.

Romwe charges shipping fees which vary depending on your location.

The shipping fees are not excessive because this T-shirt is quirky and affordable.

4, Romwe

This lovely crop top is an epic bargain at £4.35. If you’re not a fan of pink you can choose from 3 more colours.

Romwe currently has a summer sale, check it out because there is some cute stuff on offer. The delivery is relatively quick most of my items have arrived within 3 weeks.

5, Aliexpress

Most of this affordable outfit is from Aliexpress except for my boots.

This super fashionable plaid skirt will cost you a maximum of £6.00 there are no shipping fees but the price varies according to the size.

I bought the medium from The Shop Shopping Store. In all honesty my trendy skirt is too small. Alas my hips are too large so it will not close beyond the third button. The skirt is also too short for me because it rides up when I walk.

I love this skirt because it’s bright and reminds me of the 90’s film clueless.

I will definitely order the large for a better fit. I’m pear shaped but if you’re a UK size 8-10 without a large derrière it will probably fit better. The sizing is Chinese.

Unfortunately this skirt is not available in an XL which is a shame because it’s really cool.

More Affordable Summer Clothes

6, Aliexpress

This magnificent yellow T-shirt is hot, it looks just like the picture and arrived within 2 weeks. I’d definitely recommend this top.

I bought it from the Fei Yang Store who did not charge a shipping fee .

This top is ideal for bargain hunters because it’s really affordable.

7, Aliexpress

These amazing black and gold cat-eye sunglasses are one of my favourite pairs to date.

You can buy a pair from the UU87Glasses Store, the price has increased since my order but they’re still really affordable.

I received mine within 2 weeks which is really good.

Cool Summer Attire

8, Aliexpress

This affordable choker was from the Fangjiao Jewelry store.

I confess that I thought I had ordered a belt because I hadn’t looked at the pictures thoroughly.

I don’t know how I made the error because the pictures supplied clearly show that it’s a choker.

I like it and there were no shipping costs but it took over a month to arrive.

9, Aliexpress

Mystere's Closet Summer Bargain
Cat-ch Meowt Side 😼😺😸😹

Puns and cats are two of my favourite things so this T-shirt was rather apt!

This cat-chy slogan T-shirt was from the Jane Store. I have shortened mine but the length and size is the same as a UK size 8. The shipping was free and it arrived within 2 weeks of my order.

This T-shirt is so cool and most importantly affordable.

10 Aliexpress (again)

I sometimes feel like I spend an eternity browsing Aliexpress getting lost in the vortex of affordable shopping.

These Iced Lollipop earrings are perfect for this wonderful summer.

The Global Trendy Jewellery Store is selling these and the Ice Cream version for less than £3.00.

If you like quirky affordable earrings you won’t be disappointed but you may have to wait up to one month for delivery.

11. Aliexpress (Yes I know 😆)

If food related jewelry is your thing then you’ll love these pineapple earrings.

Pineapples are big this year and they have taken over the high street.

I paid £1.53 for mine and wasn’t charged for delivery.

I am inseparable from these earrings, I try to wear them with most things unless they look ridiculous.

The delivery was 1 month but I’d definitely wait because they are so well made.

12. Aliexpress

The last item for this post is a cute Elephant necklace.

Once you see it you’ll never forget it.

You can grab this cute necklace from the Yiwu Yiyu store. This necklace was really cheap and arrived within 2 weeks.

It’s shinier in real life with a medium length thin chain.

I’m off to search for more affordable fashion but if you like this post don’t forget to follow and comment.

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