Why Affordable Swimwear Isn’t Always The Best Option.

Affordable Swimwear Review

I love affordable fashion the very premise of this blog is to promote bargains. I have reviewed affordable swimwear before so this post is not meant to slate all types of affordable swimwear or the vendors.

Fake Bfyne Review

African Swimwear Options

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to do a photoshoot to promote African prints and styles because I haven’t done so before. I decided that African swimwear would be topical because England is in the midst of a heatwave and more people are escaping to the beach. Plus I wanted to reflect my heritage.

I very innocently googled African swimwear and found a myriad of options.

I was so taken by the vibrant colours and carefully cut patterns that I decided to buy two African inspired bikinis and a costume. I was elated to find that I could buy all 3 items on Aliexpress, Amazon or Ebay, ultimately I chose to go with Aliexpress.

I chose my African print costumes based upon the pictures below. The models looked amazing and the styling was breathtaking. I didn’t expect to look as good but liked the designs so much.

Bfyne Review

Beautiful designs

Affordable bikini review

Makeda Bowen Affordable Swimwear review Fake Bfyne
Trying to stop the top from riding up

I ordered my bikini from Aliexpress and paid just under £8.00 including shipping fees. The bikini arrived within 1 week, which was very fast.

When I tried it on I was disappointed because it looked different to the pictures. The top was baggy and the straps were odd.

I ended up cutting one of the straps out of curiosity to see if it would improve it. I’m not sure if it did to be honest.

The top was lightly padded but kept riding up and exposing my breasts because it was too loose. I bought the small so can only imagine how people with larger breasts would fare!

Mystere's Closet African Swimwear Review Fake Bfyne
The back is different from the beautiful Bfyne set

The bikini bottoms were completely different, although I was relieved not to show my entire bottom. I had contacted the seller for a picture of the back but he sent the standard image supplied to dropshippers.

I’m not attacking the seller but I do think that accurate information is important when shopping.

Overall I didn’t look terrible but I began to think something was off.

African Swimming Costume Review.

The swimming costume arrived a few days later and again I was disappointed.

Mystere's Closet Affordable Swimwear review -Makeda Bowen
What are these strings for???

I bought the small and it was really hard to get into so much so that I broke the zip. When I did manage to get it on, it looked ok but had these long straps that I didn’t know what to do with.

The costume also rides up when you walk, I honestly wasted my money.

It was lightly padded and looked similar to the beautiful pictures but was not the same.

Bfyne Swimwear

Imagine my horror when I learned that the African swimwear in the pictures that I fell in love with were made by Bfyne Swimwear.

Bfyne Swimwear is an African American swimwear brand that was founded by Buki Ade (Olubukola Adeyeri). The swimwear entrepreneur prides herself on incorporating traditional African prints with high fashion designs.

Upon visiting her website I discovered that she prides herself on the fit and design of all the costumes she produces. You can see evidence of this because you’re able to mix and match the sizes of the tops and bottoms.

Bfyne is a high fashion brand and the price reflects the quality and time spent to create unique designs. You can find costumes on their website ranging from £60 to £200

I wish more people were aware of Bfyne because the imitations are undermining the brand.

If I had known my costumes were cheap imitations I would not have bought them.

If you choose to buy the imitation that’s your choice but I just want to make you aware of the original designer.

Cheaper isn’t always good

The fact that the cheaper sellers appear to outrank the original in Google suggests that a lot of people are unaware of this innovative brand.

I discourage people from buying fake Bfyne because the quality is bad and ultimately a waste of money.

The prints and colours are different and not necessarily reflective of African swimwear.

I took pictures for this blog but will not be wearing them again or endorsing them,pay Buki you’ll get a better deal.

The items may look OK in pictures but they are both uncomfortable to wear.

Bfyne are innovative

Bfyne are really brilliant so much so that a Brazilian brand called Sahara attempted to pass Buki Ade’s designs as their own.

I would rather save and buy the original swimwear than wear a really bad imitation. I’m not sure how so many brands have copied the designs without compensating Bfyne unless they’re claiming to be different items.

Blue bikini review

The blue and gold bikini reminded me of ancient Egypt.

I loved the vibrant colours and thought the design would look good on my tan.

I bought this bikini from the Beach Shine Store. It was £7.34 and there were no shipping fees. This was the best bikini of the set.

My only gripe was that the bottoms were very uncomfortable. They were high waisted and would ride up causing a painful wedgie 😠

I ordered the small but the medium would have been too big.

Overall I would encourage people to choose quality swimwear, if it’s affordable then that’s great. The wrong bikini or swimwear can make you uncomfortable.

There are so many swimwear brands that are well made and affordable that we don’t have to buy fakes.

Accessories review

I preferred all of my accessories to every piece of swimwear in this post.

Mystere's Closet African Swimwear Review
I loved my accessories

I have written loads in this blog so I’ll post the images containing the seller’s details.

Everything arrived within 2 weeks and looked like the pictures. I have two headbands on in case you are wondering.

All of the accessories are well made and look like the pictures. The jewellery is really affordable and was well packaged.

St Anne’s beach

I took my pictures on a nice secluded beach called St Anne’s near to Blackpool .

In the end I ditched the photoshoot idea and took the pictures myself to capture the cheap vibe of the fake costumes. 😆😆😆😆

On the plus side, I really liked the people in Blackpool they were so friendly and welcoming 😍😍😍

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