Sunglasses for under £10 Part 2

More Sunglasses for you!

Sunglasses are an integral part of the summer. Whether you wear them because of your appreciation for eyewear or just shove on any old pair. Let’s face it almost everyone has a pair of shades.

This week is a continuation of my sunglasses review from last week.

Mystere's Closet Sunglasses Review Part 2

Red Sunglasses

Red Sunglasses are cool especially small ones. I bought both of these pairs from Aliexpress.

Aesthetically they work but you might have to get used to looking through bright red lenses.

These triangular shades are good for festivals and they’re available in a few different colours.

I’ve only worn them twice as I have too many pairs of glasses but people love them.

I posted a train selfie on Facebook and got lots compliments and requests for the seller information.

Makeda Bowen Mystere's Closet Sunglasses Review

This seller is brilliant because the glasses arrived within a week and a half.

Mystere's Closet Sunglasses Review - Makeda Bowen

I like the triangle sunglasses because they’re funky and can be worn with lots of outfits. They also look good with earrings because they are so small.

Mystere's Closet Sunglasses _Makeda Bowen

I wear these oval red shades more frequently. I think they’re cute and very versatile.

They were more expensive at £7.65 but they’re extremely good value. They arrived within 2 weeks and had good packaging but no case was provided.

If you like these glasses they’re definitely worth buying.

More Sunglasses

Last week I reviewed the purple version of these yellow sunglasses.

Personally I prefer the yellow because they look good in real life and suit my complexion.

Both pairs are good value and very fashionable.

Makeda Bowen Sunglasses Review - Mystere's Closet

Mystere's Closet Eyewear Review - Makeda Bowen

If you like them you can buy them from Aliexpress.

The Cxz Fashion store is selling them but the price varies.

Makeda Bowen - Blogger

If you like this dress it can be yours for just under £12.00. New Asia Garden an Aliexpress vendor has them in a range of sizes. I’m wearing the small.

Photos and Makeup

All of my professional pictures were taken by Grace Kemp of Queen of Hearts Photography. Check out her insta

My makeup was by my favourite MUA in the universe Ammana Bowen of Kat Von D Wolverhampton. You can see samples of her work here.

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Until next time😘


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