Cool Sunglasses for under £10 part 1

Sunglasses Blog Post

Sunglasses are an essential summer item. They serve a practical purpose by protecting your eyes from dangerous sun rays and prevent wrinkles caused by squinting.

However this post is not about the practical aspects of eyewear, let’s face it sunglasses are totally cool and amazing. Here are a few of my faves.

Mystere's Closet Eyewear article Makeda Bowen
Sunglasses Rock!


Colourful sunglasses are dope

Bold colours were highlighted as one of the main trends for 2018. You can incorporate bright coloured sunglasses into your outfit to add a splash of colour.

If you’re scared of bright sunglasses pick a shade in a similar manner to how you’d select lipstick. Look for a colour that suits your skin tone.

I bought these amazing blue sunglasses from Aliexpress for £6.92. These glasses are definitely a statement piece as they are very futuristic.

The glasses are well made and arrived within 3 weeks of my order.

My glasses are good value as they’re extremely well made and were packaged carefully to prevent damage.

I received 43 compliments in one day about these so I’d definitely recommend them, they’re available in several colours including red.

Mystere's Closet Gafas

I remain a shady lady

Modern Sunglasses

Turn up the heat in these scorching red cat-eye sunglasses. Be shady these glasses are hot!

Red Sunglasses have been prevalent on the High street this year. I have about 8 pairs of red shades and will be reviewing them soon.

Cat-eye shades are a classic style of sunglasses. They add a hint of playfulness to most outfits and are considered to be sexy and feminine.

I bought my sunglasses from Aliexpress.

These sunglasses are really affordable at £5.35, the delivery took 2 weeks and there was no shipping fee to the UK.

I like these glasses because they’re a modern take on a retro trend, they’re really bright coloured and they match casual or dressy looks.

If you like cat-eye shades you won’t go wrong with these ones. They’re really durable as I often forget to take the case with me and leave them in my handbag. To date there are no scratches or breakages and I’ve had them for a few months.

Mystere's Closet Bold Colour Sunglasses review

I love these cute purple sunglasses

Mystere's Closet Sunglasses blog
Purple shades,purple shades!

Stylish Sunglasses

I swear that Prince intended to call his song Purple Shades not ‘Purple Rain ‘.

Aliexpress is one of my favourite eyewear vendors mainly because of the affordability and variety. I also bought my fantastic purple sunglasses from Aliexpress (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it).

Even though I have worn them with a vintage style outfit these glasses are really versatile. The oval shape can be worn with most outfits .

If you like casual styles these glasses can work easily with a T-shirt, vest or crop-top and jeans.

These glasses are stylish and will upgrade any outfit.

Small glasses are one of the trends for 2018 and Rihanna, the Jenner sisters,Rita Ora, Dua Lipa and lots of celebs have been spotted in the most minute styles.

If you fancy buying a pair for under £10 the details are below.

You can choose from 8 colours including black,red and white.

These glasses look smaller in real life but are good quality and don’t distort your vision as much as stronger colours like red do.

I have a tendency to wear my glasses on the tip of my nose as it looks cool in my opinion.

Statement Sunglasses

If you’re reluctant to try bold coloured glasses try different shapes to jazz up your ensemble.

Mystere's Closet Oculus Eyewear

Minecraft style

I adore these crazy Minecraft sunglasses. The shape is unusual and they look like pieces from a computer game or a jigsaw. These glasses are definitely an ice-breaker and definitely make a statement.

They’re black and white but manage to be fun, they also match any array of outfits. They’re good for festivals and anyone who doesn’t take things too seriously.

I bought my fabulous glasses from Aliexpress for £4.62 and there’s no UK shipping fee.

Delivery is extremely quick and I’d definitely recommend them as I’ve had lots of compliments about these glasses.

Edgy Sunglasses

The last pair of glasses that I’m wearing are technically not sunglasses but they’re so damn cool I had to share the knowledge. They’re also available in several colours which can be classed as sunglasses.

If you like edgy styles, these glasses are so sharp you’ll cut yourself.

Barbed wire styled glasses are definitely going to garner attention.

I chose the clear design because I like them but thought they’d look good with nice eye makeup.

Plus I don’t always want to hide my eyes as afterall they’re the windows to my soul.

Affordable Sunglasses

You can buy the sunglasses version as they are available in several colours.

Mystere's Closet Statement Sunglasses
The affordable price made me raise my eyebrows

Aliexpress is known for being affordable and these glasses are no exception.

They cost £4.97 without shipping which is excellent value and the glasses were well packaged and in immaculate condition.

All of the glasses featured in this post can be worn with casual clothes, you could also wear simple dresses like vest dresses or basic bodycon styles if you fancy it.

Photos and Makeup

The pictures of me were taken by Grace Kemp of Queen of Hearts Photography.

A lot of them are unedited but I just loved them so much that I decided to use them nonetheless. Check her out onInstagram. Grace is an excellent talent.

My makeup was done by Ammana of Kat Von D Wolverhampton, I truly cannot state how talented she is. She always makes me look amazing. If you want to see more of her work check her out Here.

If you like this blog feel free to like and comment, plus don’t forget to follow me on Insta 😘😘😘😘


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