Ten Cool Affordable Summer T-shirts for you!

Rock a Slogan T-shirt

A T-shirt is a summer essential for almost everyone in the entire universe. Personally I’m very much in love with slogan and statement T-shirts .

I like humorous slogans especially if they contain puns. I hope you do too as they are all over this blog😆.

In this post I’m going to show you some of my favourite recommendations


Mystere's Closet slogan T-shirt

I’m actually very punctual lol😊

I bought this T-shirt from Aliexpress but it’s being sold in the UK at Primark.

I ordered the small and it fits perfectly (I’m a UK size 8 top), I’ve knotted mine as I wanted to show my stomach but they have it in a number of sizes including XXL.

I’ve received a lot of compliments on this shirt but I’ve customised it and will be doing a post on customising clothing soon.

Romwe have some affordable sassy summer T-shirts.


Mystere's Closet T-shirt review

Every T-shirt is different


I know a lot of my friends can relate to the ‘I need coffee’ shirt and this also could be the one for you! These tee’s are cool and won’t break the bank but remember that you will have to pay a shipping cost.

IWOOT (I Want One of Those) have this hilarious shirt that I’ll probably buy at some point. You can currently buy 2 shirts for £20.


Please note that there may be shipping costs depending upon where you are ordering from.


Every fashionista covets Vogue and what better way to show your admiration than wearing a tshirt bearing their moniker.

This T-shirt has major potential to upgrade the most casual summer ensemble so the delivery cost of £3.99 is totally worth it.


Mystere's Closet White T-shirt


 T-shirt Blog Mystere's Closet


This Rolling Stones inspired white tee is another brilliant bargain from Aliexpress. There’s no excuse not to buy it as it’s less than £5 without shipping fees.

Send a message with a T-shirt


Boohoo has a nice cute shirt, I like it because the meaning of Doll is quite ambiguous and indicates a lot about you whether you’re being ironic or literally a total Doll.


For some people this T-shirt will encapsulate their entire essence.

If you are proudly overdressed wear this T-shirt with aplomb and tell the world who you really are. You’ll have to pay a delivery cost but that’s okay.

Show your considerate side and Wear this ‘U OK Hun’ shirt or just confuse people.


It’s £16.99 but it’s good for bants and goggles. This shirt embodies UK slang and sums up how most of my conversations start. Buy it it’s cool.


Truffle Shuffle has this cute shirt that I find really funny. I don’t drink carbonated drinks but this shirt is cool.

You’ll need to pay for delivery of this order but it’s a unique shirt.

If you like any of my suggestions be sure to visit the websites and like and follow this blog. You can also follow my instagram http://www.instagram.com/mystere21m

The pictures of me were taken by Tara Rock of Rockin Photographie and makeup was by Ammana Bowen of Kat Von D Wolverhampton.

Catch you soon 😚

Mystere's Closet T-shirt review

Hanging out




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