Double Denim Trends in 2018

Ladies Denim Trends 2018

Wear denim this year, the darker the better. Denim is big news for 2018, double denim and dark denim were highlighted as key trends for this year by Vogue.

Designer denim looks

The Catwalk was filled with an array of denim outfits which were a visual treat for fashion lovers everywhere.

Mugler was sophisticated and sexy
Tibi stayed traditionally casual
My favourite look by Nina Ricci 😍πŸ”₯

Kaia looking colourful in Versace

As you can see the designers showed the versatility of denim and infused vitality into the fabric whilst avoiding clichΓ©d slashed denim.

Celebs in Denim

Most celebrities are no stranger to denim as it’s one of the coolest fabrics in history but you can definitely see the catwalk influence around at the moment.

Some of your faves have decided to wear colour block denim to stand out from the crowd.

Rihanna rocking a look straight from Tom Ford’s runway collection, she’s also chilling in a classic double denim look straight from her Instagram page.

Rita Ora rocking a quintessential London look
Kim K in double denim
Gigi Hadid in layered denim
Vanessa White in colour block denim
Dua Lipa making a statement in Ksenia Schnaider

My double denim interpretations

Mystere's Closet Moda Feminina
Giving it lots of attitude in double denim πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

For my first outfit, I decided to revisit my beloved graffiti denim jacket and pair it with a pair of shorts.

This jacket is one of my most complimented items, whenever I wear it people will ask where to buy it. It’s very current as it’s dark Denim with fringing on the pockets.

You can buy it from AliExpress my seller has sold out but here’s an alternative supplier.

Mystere's Denim jacket review

I’m wearing a large to get a loose fit but bear in mind that I’m a UK size 8 – 10, so if you’re after a larger fit you’ll probably have to order it a few sizes bigger, it’s available in XL from the link I’ve provided.

My denim shorts were Β£8.50 from Primark, they’re stretchy and fit well and are good value as denim is in, besides you should expect to see lots of shorts on the High Street with holiday and festival season approaching. Save your money go to Primark.

I blogged about my Mermaid top in this post:

I decided to wear a denim crop top with the shorts and my combat Primark top for an alternative double denim look. For more information about the combat gym wear read this post:

I still adore this pop art messenger bag and if you do you can buy it using the link in my previous post:

Buy some cool denim clothes online

Denim will always be a fashion staple whether you’re after a laid back casual look an edgy or sexy style you can always rely on denim to achieve your aim.

I’ve handpicked a few hot items that are likely to make you scorching this summer.

AliExpress has some cool denim items here are a few that I think you might like:

If you’re unsure about buying from AliExpress always refer to the reviews section and size guide, you can also message the sellers for additional information about the products.

I’d definitely recommend the site as you can find some low cost really cute fashionable items there.

Here are some picks from other online retailers :

If you want to check out the Vogue article I mentioned earlier you can read it here:

If you like these items be sure to let me know by commenting or liking this post.

Don’t forget to follow this blog and my insta Mystere21m or use the hashtag#unicornsdontwearuniforms.

See you soon 😚😚


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