Key Fashion Trends for 2018

Moda Mystere's Closet

You can wear more than one trend

If you’ve read this blog before then you’ll be aware that I’ve been writing about the main fashion trends for 2018. We’re 5 months into the year and the catwalk influence is now everywhere.

You can find tassels, denim, bright colours and metallic materials in most shopping outlets be that online or the High Street.

In this post I’m going to show you how these trends compliment each other. There are no rules to state that you can’t mix trends in fact some of my favourite celeb looks have done so.

Celebrities wearing multiple trends

Dua Lipa looks colourful in denim
Leighanne in plaid and denim
Gigi mixing plaid with shades of red
Jenna Dewan in wetlook leather and a see through top
Cardi B in a ruffle denim jacket
Yara Shahidi mixed floral print with bright yellow

All of the ladies above have made brilliant sartorial choices that combine the key trends whilst looking effortlessly cool.

Where to buy my outfits

Moda Femininas. Style blog

I bought this lovely floral shirt from Alex Fashion Store an AliExpress vendor for £5.72,there was no shipping fee. I bought the large and it fits perfectly but I am a UK size 8, the shirt is available in a range of sizes but refer to the size guide to get the right fit.

If you need more information contact the seller before purchasing.

The shirt arrived within 3 weeks and looks exactly like the picture, it’s also available in a range of colours.

I bought my earrings from AliExpress they cost 69 pence, they are an amazing bargain as tassels are so on trend right now. I have several pairs in different colours.

You can buy them using the link beneath the picture, my earrings arrived about 3 weeks after my initial order, they are exceptional value for the price .

You can read about my red skirt here:

You can buy some red patent shoes from New Look for a very respectable price of £17.99, the link is under the picture.

UK Fashion and Style report
Stay focused


I think the combination of floral print, tassels and bright red works well as each item accentuates the other.

Mystere's Closet Bold Tassels

My white blouse was another bargain from AliExpress, the price was £5.74 including the shipping fee.

The shirt looks exactly like the pictures but you might need to buy it at least two sizes bigger to get the desired fit, mine is large but thankfully it’s available in a few sizes.

My shorts were £8.50 from Primark. I’ve previously blogged about the Mermaid top here :

More key items for you

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Bye for now 😘😘😘


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