Be a starlet, make your own Metallic Dress – Oscar Style

Gold Dress Trend at the 2018 Oscars

So the stars decided to shine extra brightly in metallic gold dresses at this year’s Oscars.

Later on in this post I’m going to show you how to make your own Oscar style dress on a budget of £20 without sewing.

Stars wearing metallic dresses at 2018 Oscars

  1. Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

Bae 😍😍😍

2. Lupita Nyong’o in Atlier Versace

Goals in Gold 😍😍😍

3. Sandra Bullock in Louis Vuitton

4. Gal Gadot in Givenchy

All of the ladies above looked amazing in their Oscar dresses and stood out from the crowd in their shiny gowns. Metallic fabrics suit most skin tones and are sexy because they stand out and cling to curves.

How to make your own party dress without sewing

Mystere's Closet Gold Oscar 2018 inspired dress
Homemade from one piece of fabric

I made this dress last year for my everlasting birthday celebrations but decided to do a tutorial today as metallic gold was everywhere at the Oscars this year.

Watch My YouTube Debut

I’ve made a video as it easier to demonstrate it than to write the instructions.

Basically you’ll need about 3 metres of Gold Spandex, it’s based on your height, I’m 5’4, you may need more material if you’re taller or less if you’re shorter.

The material needs to be floor length with enough scope for you to twist the neck without shortening it substantially.

You’ll need to cut some fabric to create a belt which will in essence secure the entire outfit so wrap it fairly tightly.

You’ll need to do the same with the knot at the neck. This dress is simple to make as there is no sewing at all.

Metallic Gold 2018 Oscar inspired dress

Mystere's Closet Gold Oscar 2018 inspired dress

Mystere's Closet Gold Oscar 2018 inspired dress
Not bad for a homemade dress

The material cost me £20.00 for 3 metres and it’s extremely comfortable and does not ride up.

You can buy similar material on Amazon, the main requirement is that it’s stretchy with a bit of weight as it won’t sit right.

The final look doesn’t look too homemade and you can change it to fit your specifications.

Mystere's Closet Metallic gold dresses

Mystere's Closet Metallic gold dresses

5 tips for a homemade dress without sewing

  1. Make sure your material is long enough
  2. Make sure the fabric is stretchy
  3. Make sure the fabric is heavy enough
  4. Twist the fabric at the neck firmly
  5. Cut the belt from a concealed area at the top to hide any jagged edges

So while you’re waiting to buy Versace, Dior, Louis Vuitton or Givenchy make your own dress for £20.00 or buy one online .

Buy a gold dress online

Or buy some of these online bargains:



MY AliExpress Gold Dress

I also bought the dress below from AliExpress last year, I’ve only worn it once because it has a tendency to show my bra.

It’s currently £29.39 the seller is reliable and delivered it within 3 weeks, the fabric is quite thin so doesn’t hold you in like other bandage dresses do.

It’s affordable and good for a night out as it’s different to other dresses on the market.

Source Material

Vogue and The Daily Mail have some excellent coverage on the Oscar dresses here:

ELLE discussing Metallic trends at SS18 shows:

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Until next time 😘😘😘


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