2018 Trend Alert: Sequins and Fringing

Are Sequins and Fringing fashionable in 2018? YES😊

Sequins and fringing have been highlighted as BIG trends in 2018 by major fashion publications like Vogue and Harpers Bazaar.

So for my 36th Birthday celebration it was only rightful that I’d sass it up by wearing 2 of the hottest trends for 2018. More on my look later 😘

Mystere's Closet Red Sequin Dress
I adore this Red Sequin Fringed Dress

From the Runway…

Designers showcased a range of stylish fringed and sequin looks at the SS18 shows, but sequins will be everywhere in 2018 if the Fall/Winter looks at Milan Fashion Week are anything to go by.

Paco Rabanne SS18

Paco Rabanne SS18

Gucci SS18

Milan Fashion Week AW18

Versace AW18

Calvin Klein SS18

Watch the live Paco Rabanne SS18 show here:

To Celebs in Fringing and Sequins

Lots of fashion forward celebrities are already wearing Sequins and Fringing because they know a good trend when they wear it!!!!

Rihanna in Adam Selman 2018 Grammys

Blake Lively in Chanel

Jasmine Sanders at Bvlgari Milan Fashion Week

Bella Hadid in Ralph Lauren
Gigi Hadid in Prabal Gurung 😍😍

5 Reasons to wear Sequins

  1. Sequins are shiny and beautiful so enhance most looks
  2. Stars are meant to shine so channel your inner DIVA and rock those Sequins
  3. They will brighten any day as Sequins add a playful and fun aspect to any design
  4. Sequins are beautiful so enhance your beauty
  5. Sequins are sexy ask Jessica Rabbit

To my Red Sequin Fringed Dress

I bought my amazing Red Sequin dress from Pretty Little Thing. It was a bargain at Β£30.00.


It’s an extremely stylish dress as it is both fringed and sequinned with mesh sleeves making it uber fashionable .

I was constantly stopped by people asking me where I bought it from and how much it cost.

The colour is very flattering for most skin tones, the shape of the dress will also compliment most body types.

My only critique is that some of the tassels get caught in the zip at the back of the dress.

My dress was ordered for next day delivery and it arrived on time.

I bought the UK size 8 and it fit me perfectly so the size is in accordance with standard UK measurements.

It’s comfortable to wear and has a lining inside to prevent any scratches.

I decided to wear black semi patent court shoes, large hoop earrings and my burgundy faux fur coat.

Ultimately I was happy with the look and you can get similar items from Pretty Little Thing to achieve your interpretation.


3 Reasons to wear Fringing

  • Fringed fabric adds movement and can make you look dramatic πŸ˜‰πŸ˜
  • The texture will generate impact that other fabrics can’t achieve
  • It’s sassy, sexy and stylish




I wore a black and white handbag but I’d recommend a black or gold bag however most colours will match red.

I’ve linked a blog containing my burgundy coat as I’ve previously blogged about it.


My fabulous, exquisite make-up was done by my amazingly talented sister Ammana. She is a professional makeup artist and she made me look super groomed.

Mystere's Closet Makeup

Face on point because of my sister 😘😘

If you like this post leave a comment, follow the blog and check out my insta :Mystere21m or use the hashtag #unicornsdontwearuniforms to show me your looks 😘😘😘😘😘

Lastly read more about these trends in Vogue😘😘



Suffice to say I enjoyed my 36th birthday a lot woohoo 😊

Dance to Cola by Camelphat and Elderbrook Love it

Mystere's Closet Red Sequin Dress

Mystere's Closet Red Sequin Dress

Mystere's Closet Red Sequin Dress

Mystere's Closet Red Sequin Dress

Mystere's Closet Red Sequin Dress

Mystere's Closet Red Sequin Dress

Mystere's Closet Red Sequin Dress

Mystere's Closet Red Sequin Dress




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