Pink & Red 2018

Bright colours are en Vogue

Wear pink and red it’s the in thing!

Pink and red combos are expected to big in 2018,expect the pairing to be ubiquitous if the catwalks at NYFW are anything to go by.

Brandon Maxwell and Calvin Klein showcased striking looks in pink and red and now I’m following the trend.

Brandon Maxwell SS18

Calvin Klein SS18

My favourite red and pink outfits 😍😍

Apparently wearing pink and red together was a huge no no as it was considered to be a faux pas, but it can look amazing. My favourite examples of it being rocked with aplomb are below:

Olivia Culpo slaying in Ungaro and Linda Farrow 😍😍

Rihanna looking cool in Prada

Zendaya shining in Vivetta

Lisa Hahnbück is goals 😍😍


For my interpretation I decided to partner a pink mini dress with a high waisted red skirt. I wanted a look that was vibrant, wearable and not too outlandish.

Both items were from AliExpress and were extremely inexpensive. My dress cost Β£6.52 from the Ladies Clothing boutique, it arrived within 3 weeks of my order and looks like the picture although it is just above the knee not a mini dress on me.

I could have worn a pair of red shoes and a red bag to complete the look but I decided that I wanted to colour block. I bought my red skirt 3 years ago as part of a co-ord, I think it’s a cute skirt and good quality especially as it was only Β£7.00. My seller no longer lists the item but I have included the link to another vendor. It’s the same price but read the reviews before buying. My skirt and dress are both small which is a UK 8-10.

Mystere's Closet pink and red

To stay with the theme of bright colours I decided to wear my orange River Island Court shoes. I liked the overall look as pink and orange are derived from red and complimented each other nicely.

I chose to add a homemade gold belt to match my oversized gold leaf earrings. My earrings were a gift but if you want to replicate this look any large gold earrings will suffice.

My belt was made of a piece of gold lycra that I bought from a fabric store in Birmingham called Fancy Silk, the price varies according to length.

Mystere's Closet pink and red

Homemade lycra belt

For those of you that would like a pared down version of the look add a monochrome shirt this way you can wear bold colours in a more conventional way. You could also wear a plain black shirt or jacket.

Mystere's Closet pink and red

Jazz up a classic red, black and white outfit with a hint of pink

Mystere's Closet Pink and red

I bought my shirt 4 years ago from AliExpress it’s not on sale anymore but I’ve included links to similar shirts.

Both shirts are available in a range of sizes and colours.

To complete the look I threw on my Faux Fur leopard print cape. I’ve blogged about it before so have linked the post.

Mystere's Closet Faux Fur

Mystere's Closet Faux Fur

Mystere's Closet Faux Fur


Now it’s your turn😘

If you want to try out the latest look I’ve selected a few items for you.

Asos are selling this gorgeous pink and red jumper that can be worn as a dress with tights.

Mix and match any of the Red and pink skirts and tops to get the look.

AliExpress Β£6.34-Β£8.00





AliExpress Β£9.90

Wear black, gold, red or pink accessories to be stylish in this killer combination.

I really like the overall look and have plans to mix red and pink again as I have a number of items in both colours and I find the mixture refreshing.

3 Reasons to wear a Pink and Red ensemble

  1. This combination suits a variety of complexions
  2. It’s a fun pairing and will make an impact
  3. You probably already have pink and red clothing so won’t need to buy new things to be on trend

What I was listening to whilst taking these picsπŸ’ƒπŸ’«πŸ“»πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ’„

Dancing along to Calvin Harris and Party Next Door was ironic because I actually was ready πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Popsugar and Harpers Bazaar have cool articles on how to wear pink and red check them out!!!

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I appreciate your comments – let me know how you get on in your pink and red garments or if you have any questions 😘😘😘😢

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