How to wear Plaid

Anyone can be plaid!

One of the current key 2017/18 winter fashion trends is plaid clothing and accessories, this was confirmed when Miss Vogue dedicated an article to the print. Standout pieces included this fabulous Stella McCartney ensemble.

Celebs get plaid all the time!

Celebs like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Beyonce, Rihanna and Cardi B have since been spotted applying their twist to the Trend.

Kendall Jenner wearing Alexa Chung

Bella Hadid wearing a Burberry Trench 😍😍

Rihanna bedecked in Burberry

Beyonce rocking an urban look

Beyonce in Natasha Zinko shirt

Cardi B with a sexy plaid look

Mystere's Closet Plaid Coat
Me wearing a plaid coat

I’ve blogged about this coat before so have linked the article for those of you that love it😘😘😢😍😘

The plaid mini dress

My interpretation of the plaid look is a wearable vintage-esque plaid mini dress. As you know I like Bodycon Dresses so I didn’t stray too far from my usual formula.

Mystere's Closet Plaid Mini dress

It’s plaid, it’s Bodycon it’s so me πŸ˜‚β˜Ί

I found my dress on AliExpress it was a bargain at Β£5.83. My seller has stopped selling it but it’s still available on the website from multiple vendors that are linked below the next set of pics.

It looks exactly like the picture and is really good quality for the price. I like this mini dress because it’s stylish and can be worn in a number of ways.

It’s available in 2 colours yay!

My plaid mini dress is available in several sizes from small to xl, I’m a UK 8-10 and mine fits perfectly so I think the sizing is accurate. If you’re uncertain refer to the size guide in the description. I also look at the feedback pictures to see how items really look.

I always use an international size conversion chart to check if they correspond with the AliExpress charts.

I like this dress because it can be worn with ankle boots, knee high boots or court shoes. You can also wear red, blue, black, green, yellow, blue and gold accessories depending on what aspects you wish to emphasise.

I chose to wear my Public Desire ankle boots on both occasions, I’ve blogged about both pairs before so will link the articles.

The black waistband makes it more interesting as the contrasting textures and colours will give the appearance of curves to most body shapes.

It’s also a good design for those of you who are wary of wearing an entire plaid outfit.

Affordable plaid looks

You don’t have to spend thousands to be on trend and there are plenty of affordable plaid looks available online.

If you want to experiment with plaid but would like an alternative to my mini dress Topshop, Hidden Fashion, Missguided and We are have different types of plaid/tartan mini dresses.

Be edgy in Topshop’s casual take on the plaid mini dress at Β£36.00

Be like Beyonce in Hidden Fashion for Β£25.00

Missguided’s dress is sassy

My simple explanation of difference between plaid and tartan 😊

I know I have used tartan and plaid interchangeably but there are differences :

  1. Tartan is Scottish
  2. Tartan is traditional fabric that is over 3000 years old, it was originally woollen
  3. Americans use plaid to describe a pattern that is similar to Tartan but less exact than the geometric patterns of tartan
  4. Plaid was actually a Scottish garment not a fabric
  5. Scottish clans wore tartan as a way to show their allegiance

I’ve included a link that has an in-depth description of the difference from Greenhouse Fabrics.

Don’t be Clueless wear plaid!

Lastly I want everyone to know that Cher and Dionne from Clueless are the real Plaid gurus.

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Topshop plaid mini dress


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