A see through skirt gives a weird view!

A see through skirt will garner weird looks 😂😂😂

I have a fascination with transparent clothing!

Transparent mini skirt

I’ve always bought transparent accessories and I considered buying see through trousers but didn’t want to sweat my ass off (literally) however when I saw this see through mini skirt I had to have it…

  • I bought my skirt from AliExpress
  • It costs £5.40 including shipping
  • It arrived within 3 weeks

I decided to wear a black mini dress under my see through skirt to preserve my modesty plus I liked the combination of textures although I did get a lot of weird looks from strangers and quite a few compliments!


Rockstar chic!

  • This skirt is ultra tight and will flatten any butt
  • It is not made of clingfilm!
  • You won’t sweat unless you don’t wear undergarments
  • I have danced in this skirt so the above is true😄😆😃😂

I didn’t intend to wear see through boots with my skirt, I tried them on out of curiosity and liked it.

Plastic Transparent boots

I haven’t worn my boots for a while but I bought them for £33.81 from AliExpress. I’ve blogged about them before but here’s a link to a different seller as mine has sold out.


Kim Kardashian rocked a similar pair of boots last summer and made the look popular.

Kim K see through plastic boots

Faux Fur Red Jacket

I wore my Faux Fur burgundy jacket because it’s very warm, a nice length and it added some much needed colour.

My jacket is also from AliExpress and cost £39.56 including shipping but the price has changed to £41.53.


Yellow T-shirt and Florescent Cardigan

As soon as I put the outfit on I decided that I wanted to wear yellow as I wanted a bold look to diminish the winter blues. I have a tan so want to accentuate it. So I set off on a quest to buy something yellow.

My journey led me to Forever 21 where I was able to obtain 2 yellow garments.

My friend picked my t-shirt and I love it, it says ‘Every day I love you more’ which is how I feel about clothing! My shirt cost £10.00 and it’s also available online.


My fluorescent cardigan cost 7.00 but is not available online but it is so nice, warm and bright that it’s definitely worth a walk to the store.

Square Hoop Earrings

My square earrings were a gift but you can get a pair for £4.00 from Nasty Gal, I’ve included a link.


Yellow sunglasses

My yellow shades are also from AliExpress and cost £6.01 at the moment.


Here are some more pictures, don’t forget to like, share and follow this blog.

Until next time 😘

Definitely flattened my butt!






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