Pink Coat + Hot Pink Skirt = Dollhouse Realness!

I love pink coats!

Until recently I didn’t realise that pink was one of my favourite colours, although looking at my bedroom I’d say I was in denial!

I bought this candy pink coat from AliExpress for £25.50 from the Mumzi store, it has sold out but I’ve included the link to another seller.

In truth it looks different from the picture in real life and the material is thinner although it’s decent quality for £25.

I decided wear it with a hot pink mini skirt and a black polo neck. I really like my pink pvc skirt but I struggled to decide on a top. It looks nice with my Donut touch my phone top and with white but I liked the combination of black and hot pink.

Mystere's Closet pink plastic skirt
Pink plastic skirt is hawt

My skirt cost £9.86 from the OOTN store. It arrived within 2 weeks of my order I really like the colour it’s definitely a hot pink skirt!

I bought my polo neck from New Look 2 years ago but they’re selling a similar version for £8.99.

I think the black gives the outfit an edge. I wore my Public Desire ankle boots that are unfortunately no longer available.

I really love my earrings they are literally love Earrings! I bought them for £1.38 from KMVEXO another AliExpress seller. They arrived within 3 weeks of my order, they’re too dope!

Love Earrings Mystere's Closet WordPress
Love Earrings!

Lastly I decided to try on the purple version of my staple dress to see how it looked with my coat, I loved it. My dress cost £5.39 including the shipping fee. I bought it from the Fashion Value Store, another AliExpress vendor.

Mystere's Closet purple dress
Purple reign

Links are below the pictures.

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  • My skirt is a medium which is equivalent to a UK size 8
  • My dress is small which is equivalent to a UK size 8
  • My coat is large which is approximately a UK size 10


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