La vida es una playa (Life’s a beach in Ebay Bikinis ) 

My Swimwear Review 2018

I was extremely indecisive before I wrote this post, my indecision extended to my title choice which was almost Mi gente (my people), which made no sense or En el carnaval de fuego (in the carnival of fire) which sort of made sense. I need to start using Spanish grammar as well!

I initially thought I was going to chill poolside in the sun so tried on a purple bikini top with some yellow bottoms. I’m not prude but at 35 years old my inner sensibilities crept in and I decided against such risqué attire. I believe the briefs are too small as my entire backside was on display which was a shame as I like the shape of the front.


If you’re interested I bought the briefs from an eBay vendor called Anothermart for £3.99 plus £1.72 shipping. They arrived promptly within 3 days despite the snow , I ordered the medium, I don’t think there was anything wrong with the quality it’s just they’re too revealing for me, hence why I have omitted pictures of the back view.

I then opted to wear my carnival style bikini briefs, they’re beautiful but slightly impractical in terms of tan lines but I chose to wear them as shorts.

My shorts were also from Anothermart on eBay but are part of a two piece which can be obtained for £8.99 plus a £1.72 delivery charge. I have two of the same design in purple and green. I love the brightness and creativity in the design.

I found the vendor to be incredibly helpful as he refunded the cost of the yellow briefs as I’d ordered them accidentally not realising that they were the only items not in a set.

My purple bikini top is from eBay, it is the Chantelle So Couture Underwired plunge push up style and cost £9.95, I really like it.

I was unsure of whether to wear massive hoop earrings or my upside down shades as it initially was quite overcast and then suddenly brightened up.

My earrings were a gift but you can buy my sunglasses from AliExpress for £4.34 from Hapigoo Official Store. They are literally one of my favourite pairs so much so that I wore them most of last summer despite having over 20 pairs of shades.

If you have been following my beachwear posts you’ll probably have noticed that I match my bikini tops with my sunglasses it’s one of my foibles.

Ultimately the weather decided my fate as it was so bright that I got changed into a more practical bikini and went off to the beach in a nice comfy dress.

To find out how I got in shape for my holiday Read this:

If you fancy buying any of the items in this post links are below the pictures.

Fashion Vintage Round Rimless Clear Oversized Sunglasses Women Brand Designer Sun Glasses Metal Frame Retro Big Gradient Shades


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