Feliz año nuevo bikini revisión (Happy New year bikini review)

Firstly, Happy New Year or Feliz año nuevo, this week I will be blogging about holiday attire particularly Swimwear.
I stated previously that Swimwear was my favourite outfit and I wasn’t lying the only reason for this is that I’m a sun worshipper. I’m currently praising the Lord because I recently visited Fuerteventura so I’m wishing you all strong fortune or great adventures.


The weather was amazing so it was only right that I dressed accordingly. I bought this lovely orange bikini from Ebay, it was brand new and a brilliant bargain at £7.99 from a seller called Batman1680. The shipping was fast, it arrived within 3 days at no extra cost.

I previously bought this bikini on AliExpress 2 years ago but lost it. I really like the fit, I got mine in a medium and I have no complaints about the sizing as it’s really comfortable to wear.


I bought my crazy shades from AliExpress last year from Royal Girl, they’re £5.09. Royal Girl is one of my favourite stores on AliExpress as they ship items super fast and everything that I’ve bought is good quality.

I was tempted to call this post Naranja but changed my mind last minute but I love orange, it looks really nice and compliments my skin tone. I love to be bright in the sun.

For those of you interested in how I got in shape for my holiday Read this :


I’ve posted the links below my photo shoot but hey at least I’ve left my bedroom.


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