A dame to shop for, the Noir Princess! Woollen Outfit review.

Film nor is one of the few genres that manages to hold my attention, generally I tend to fall asleep if a film is on or I end up surfing the Internet. I think that it also influences some of my outfit choices.

Today I decided to channel my inner femme fatale but with a nautical twist. I was compelled to wear a burgundy skirt like one of the doomed men that fall for the beautiful but evil sirens.

In my case I had a choice between two skirts, I faced the inner conflict head on but took pictures to document my journey for you. Sorry for the flowery language today but I always get the urge to write my personal noir dialogue!


I bought the first skirt two years ago from The Call of Life Store on AliExpress for £6.80, it’s being sold by Freestyle Store for £10.00 as the previous seller no longer stocks it.

I really like the split and false pockets, it’s well made, very feminine and has a sultry vibe. This skirt is only available in one size it’s very stretchy but I don’t think it will fit anyone larger than a UK size 12. The reason I say this is because it fitted me when my bottom was substantially larger but I’m currently a UK 8-10.

The second option made me ponder why I’d messed with the first, I don’t think it is as obviously revealing as the first one but it isn’t without it’s charms. This skirt is from one of my coords, it’s low waisted so shows a hint of stomach. The wool is thinner than the first one. The reason I flirted with this one was because I tied the waist of my cardigan and I didn’t want to overcomplicate the look.

I bought the coord from the Missufe Franchised Store for £9.74 but the price is now £10.58. I like the versatility of coords so buy loads of them.

The reason for my conundrum was a beautiful but complicated cardigan, I tied it in knots but it made pay, it made me choose. I bought the cardigan from Hexin’s Store for £5.21, it’s now being sold by Shenghao Store for £10.21.

I love this cardigan so much that I have two of them, I corrupted the one that I’m wearing by cutting it slightly so that I could tie it up in knots but have the original version for when I’m feeling straight laced.

In the end I chose to leave the split because I felt too exposed, messing with a top like the one I had meant that I had to play it safe especially with it being winter.

Public Desire

I decided to wear bare legs and faux snakeskin boots that I bought from from Public Desire for £10.00, they’re no longer on stock but you can ask for an availability update.

Lastly I wore a black and white faux fur coat to match my favourite genre. It’s currently being sold for £41.47 by Yiyi Apparel.

Links are below my Noir inspired shoot, you can see the inner turmoil in each shot lol. Don’t worry I’m not subscribing to nihilism! However the blurriness of the images reflects my confusion.









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