My Red Faux Fur Coat is the colour of passion and pain

I’ve always thought that red is the colour of passion and pain, it has an intensity about it that just draws me in. I really enjoy wearing red because it’s very striking.


I saw my red coat on AliExpress a few weeks ago and bought it during the 11 11 sale for £27.25 from Angling Apparel Store , however there was an additional shipping fee of £12.31 that I only paid because I really wanted the coat.

In fairness my coat arrived within 3 weeks of my order and is very good quality although there was a small hole in one of the pockets.

The faux fur is so soft, it feels amazing and the plastic belt fastening is really cool and gives it an edgy vibe. The colour is more of a blood red/burgundy rather than a bright red but I actually prefer it as it stops it from veering into comical territory.

I ordered the large to ensure that the arms were the right length and so that I could wear layers underneath, it fits perfectly. If you’re thinking of buying it then I’d advise you to buy it at least one or two sizes bigger.

I decided to pair it with a tracksuit top that I bought from the H Garden Store on AliExpress for £8.93, it’s no longer being sold by my vendor but I’ve included a link to another seller although I can’t vouch for their reliability.

I prefer wearing the top and bottoms separately but it’s a good quality item that’s probably more suitable for mild weather due to the lightness of the fabric.

New Look

My jeans are the Super Skinny Hallie style from New Look, I bought them for £25.99 but they’re currently on sale for £12.99. I like New Look jeans because they actually fit my hip to waist ratio unlike most other shops, I bought mine in size 10.

Office Shoes

My boots are over 7 years old but were purchased from Office Shoes, I love them because of the detail on the knees plus they’re excellent quality.

AliExpress again 😊😊😊

My gloves are from the CNTANG Official Store and cost £5.54. My bag is from the Zhierna Sunnyer Store and cost £10.77, I’ve received a lot of compliments about it because it’s cute.

Today there was no pain but I do feel passionately about this coat. Links are below my bedroom photoshoot.


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