Reversible Coat Review – It goes both ways!

I’d prefer to be on a beach wearing a bikini but rather than dwell on the doom and gloom, I’ve opted to make the most of the winter by wearing as many coats as possible.


Today I have the pleasure of telling you about my wondrous brilliant splendiferous reversible coat. In short I love it! I ordered it from AliExpress two weeks ago and I can honestly say that the quality is amazing.

I bought my teal and white coat from AliExpress during the 11 11 sale , I purchased it for £31.73 but there was an additional shipping fee of £12.69 which was worth it as it arrived quickly with accurate tracking information.

The seller was Angling Apparel Store and I would definitely buy from them again because the quality is brilliant .

I could not contain my excitement when I finally got to wear it as the faux fur is really soft.

I’m not sure which side is my favourite but I like the fact it is versatile and really good value for two coats. I bought the large and it fits exactly how I wanted it to.

My bag is also from AliExpress, I bought it from the Zhierna Sunnyer Store for £10.77, I like it because it’s quirky and features my favourite animal which is of course a cat.

I decided to wear my burgundy crop top which is from one of my coords,the outfit is on sale for £10.47 from the Missufe Franchise Store.

My skirt is also from AliExpress and was from the Realpopu store for £6.95.

My gloves are from the CNTANG Official Store and cost £5.95.

Lastly my Chloe Perspex Heel boots are from Public Desire and are currently being sold for £39.99.

All links are below the pictures.


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