Why I customised this House of CB Calvi Dress.

I’m currently writing this blog after a big night out, it was my friend’s 21st birthday last night and we partied hard.

We decided to go to a few bars and clubs in Birmingham to celebrate, as you do. I tend not to buy new outfits for other people’s birthdays as I’m happy to recycle my previous garments , in this case the House of CB Calvi dress.

House of CB Calvi Dress

I bought the dress last year in the House of CB sale for £70. I liked it but always found the sleeves slightly annoying as they had a tendency to slip down, plus I’m a raver that dances all night so ended up boiling because there was just too much fabric .

I previously wore the dress approximately 4 times before I decided to try and sell it, after a failed attempt my Mom suggested that I simply remove the sleeves. The holes under the bust also used to show my bra, so I decided to have it altered.

I took the dress to Toptailor in Picadilly Arcade in Birmingham he charged me £28 to remove the sleeves and fill the holes, he did the alterations within 3 days I was very impressed!

I prefer the dress in it’s new incarnation as it highlights my favourite detail on the waist area, I also found it easier to party in as it was much cooler.

The dress is no longer available on the House of CB website but this blog is mostly to show that you should not be afraid to alter clothes as customising can breathe new life into them.

You can still buy the original dress on Depop, I’ve included a link below my bedroom photoshoot as well as a link to Toptailor.






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