The sun is in my heart, so I’ll serve flouro vibes

Today I decided to venture into the 90’s but somehow took a detour into the 80’s. This post is mainly about the skirt I’m wearing as the other items are vintage or from abroad.

A few weeks ago I decided to order a skirt that resembled a corset primarily because I thought it looked quite interesting but I wasn’t sure what I was going to wear it with or if it was going to fit.

The skirt was purchased from AliExpress for £6.95 from the Realpopu store, there was no shipping fee and it arrived within 10 days of my order.

The quality is very good as the material is quite thick and it fits my waist exactly. I bought the small which is the equivalent of a UK size 8 and I’m very happy with it.

Whilst getting dressed I had difficulty finding a top to match it as I didn’t want anything too tight. In the end I opted to wear a fluorescent shirt I bought from Egypt last year. I love the fact that this top has a hood as I don’t own a lot of Hoodies.

I really like the look as it reminds me of a 90’s rave outfit . The tights were also from AliExpress and cost £2.25 from the HSS Official Store, the shipping was super fast and the quality is exceptional.

My earrings are from Claire’s Accessories and were part of a deal where you buy 3 sets of earrings and get another 3 free for £25.00.

I decided to wear my Green Crushed Velvet Public Desire boots, because I was bored of wearing black shoes. They’re currently out of stock but you can ask Public Desire to notify you when they will be.

I toyed with the idea of several coats but in the end I opted for a brown vintage suede jacket that I bought 6 years ago from Cow Vintage in Digbeth in Birmingham. The jacket is from the 80’s an era filled with nostalgia as I’m an 80’s baby.

I chose the jacket because I liked the shape and did not want to wear a furry coat.

My gloves were also from AliExpress and cost £5.52 from the CNTANG Official Store, these gloves are great quality and even have cute bows sewn on the wrist, they’re very warm and one of my winter staples.

Links are below the pictures :


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