Not everything is Bodycon especially this Cardigan Dress

This morning two of my online orders arrived from AliExpress, a wave of euphoria hit me and I decided to wear them, even though I was going climbing.

I’m currently in pain as I’m typing, don’t worry I changed into sports gear I’m not a complete lunatic. Plus the weather was so cold I needed to wrap up warm.

The jumper dress is from the EAM Official Store and arrived extremely quickly as I only ordered it on 03/11/2017. The seller was very communicative and the price was reasonable at £14.38.

I think it fits relatively well as it was only available in one size. I decided to partner it with a pair of stripy tights that I bought for £2.26 from the HSS Official Store, there was no shipping fee but I ordered several pairs to make it a worthwhile order.

I decided to wear the Spectrum Paperbag Lace up Ankle Boots in Black from Public Desire, they’re currently being sold for £39.99, I wear mine with socks because it’s freezing.

Lastly I wore my big bird coat, it’s being sold on AliExpress from £40 onwards, I’ve included a link but emphasise that I have never bought anything from the seller so can’t endorse them.

Links are below the pictures, I’m not as moody as I look in these I was actually dancing between shots.


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