I know it’s Autumn but I miss Summer

Today I found myself lamenting the loss of the beautiful season that is my best friend – Summer! My dress sense reflected this mood, it wasn’t sombre but was very revealing with my jacket being a mere afterthought.
The brown dress in the picture was one of my summer staples, usually worn with heeled trainers and a pair of sunglasses.

I purchased it from AliExpress for £8.95 from the Magiray Official Store. I love my dress because it’s a little flirty but it’s really comfortable and has an effortless vibe.

I bought the small which is equivalent to a UK size 8.

I decided to pair it with my Public Desire Ciara over the knee slouch boots in black. I was fortunate enough to buy them for £10.00 in the sale two weeks ago, however they’re now retailing at £54.99.

I initially put the boots on to see how they would look as I didn’t want to wear them with trousers or a mini skirt.

My boots are size 7 but are available in multiple sizes.

I know that many people will give me the side eye for this combination but I don’t care, I like it. I like it because it’s slightly odd a bit like myself plus the silhouette is interesting .

I decided to wear my vintage Topshop jacket as I realised that it was actually Autumn and I did not want to contract a cold.

The split is high but don’t worry I didn’t expose my underwear to the world.

Links to the sellers are below the sombre pictures of me reminiscing about Summer.






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