Another ponytail, another shiny William Wilde skirt! 

Forget another day another dollar in my case it’s another ponytail another shiny skirt. I decided to buy the ‘Donut touch my phone’ top because I love puns.

If you speak to me long enough I will annoy you with an array of obscure puns that I’ll find extremely funny, you however are likely to look bemused then chastise me for poor humour.


I was drawn to the top like a magpie to silver and it was a bargain at £5.87 from Shop 3101066 Store on AliExpress. It arrived really quickly considering there was no shipping fee.

My only issue was that it was an odd length, too long to be a crop Top but too short for a sweatshirt. I resolved the problem by shortening it slightly. I bought the medium it does fit, I just don’t like the original length.

I struggled to find anything in my wardrobe that matched it as I thought that wearing jeans would be too boring. I ended up pairing it with a William Wilde Latex Skirt.

William Wilde Latex skirt

I feel guilty for what I’m about to write but don’t judge me. William Wilde Skirts are bespoke and are made to measure in my case a UK size 8. My sister bought mine for my birthday 4 years ago and I have never worn it despite it being worth £75.00.

I even tried to sell it on Facebook earlier this year, however after receiving fraudulent enquiries from undesirable men I decided to keep it. Thankfully it was a perfect match for my sweatshirt.

Public Desire Ankle Boots

I then decided to add to the Fetish vibe by wearing my Chloe Perspex Heels from Public Desire, they’re currently being sold for £39.99.

Whilst I’m aware this is one of my standard looks it’s pun to me! All pun and games so I will continue to rock it.

Lastly I added my black vintage cropped jacket from Cow to ensure no colds were caught.

I’ve put the links to the sellers below the pictures :


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