The Pink Prancer in Pink Dresses

Pastel Colours are En Vogue

This evening I was in an indulgent mood and decided that I wanted to wear my favourite pink faux fur jacket to resemble human candy floss and because pastel colours are extremely fashionable at the moment.

I knew that I wanted to contrast my baby pink outfit with sexy boots to juxtapose a colour associated with sweetness with edgy accessories. I thought the transparent heels would also create an interesting visual.


I was initially torn between two Bodycon Midi dresses because they fit differently even though they are both size 8, so I decided to take pictures to narrow down the process.

I bought the dresses from AliExpress. The polo neck one was £7.08 last year from the Woman Fashion Dresses Store but it is no longer available (you can find practically identical dresses online at various prices). The material is ribbed but it’s super comfortable and easy to wear.

The long sleeved version is still being sold and is a bargain at £4.86 from the Fashion Value Store, although there was a shipping fee of 74 pence, which is reasonable but I hate paying for shipping (sorry not sorry).

My glorious pink jacket was also from AliExpress but is no longer available. I bought it last year for £19.09, there are similar jackets on the site but I won’t include links purely because I don’t know how reliable the sellers are. If you are going to buy anything from AliExpress use the reviews section and photos as they are usually the best indication of quality.

Public Desire

My super shiny boots were a bargain as they were in the Public Desire sale for £10.00, they are extremely comfortable and make me feel like a vampy femme fatale. They are called the Chloe Perspex Boots in black are currently being sold for £39.99.

In the end I opted to wear the sleeveless dress, I wanted to wear sunglasses but it was night time so I needed to be able to see.

Also for those of you that like puzzles spot the cat.

Links to the boots and dress are beneath the pictures.


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