Clash of the coat titans

Everyone has those Autumn days when they select an outfit but because of the freezing cold weather they have to wear a coat.

You then face the conundrum of being bold or neutral. Both looks will make a statement, but what is it that you want to say exactly?

I’ve just outlined my dilemma (yes slight exaggeration) today.

American Apparel

I opted to wear a simple outfit which consisted of my Midnight Navy American Apparel Disco Pants which are currently retailing at £51.00. I’m wearing small size which is equivalent to a UK size 8-10.;jsessionid=68E912DD302E1C82F8029B2FDF99C041.aap-prd-dal-app-02-p-app2


I also wore a grey crop top that I bought as a Co-ord from AliExpress last year. I bought it for £8.87, however it is now being sold for £10.69 by the Missufe Franchise Store. My Co-Ord was small which is a UK size 8. I love mixing and matching the skirts and tops with other items.

Public Desire

My boots were an exceptional bargain from the Public Desire sale. I still cannot believe they were only £10.00. They’re now being sold for £44.00 and are called the Saturn Over The Knee Pointed Toe Boots in Black and White. I bought them one size larger than my shoe size to enable me to wear socks and not damage my feet.

I wasn’t sure whether to wear my black faux fur cropped jacket or my faux fur grey and yellow coat.

Cow Vintage

I bought the black jacket from Cow Vintage in Digeth, Birmingham it was £20.00 but is no longer available because it’s a vintage item.

AliExpress again 😊

My grey and yellow jacket is from AliExpress and is now being sold for £42.43 by the Look Fashion Women Store.

The black was more casual but slightly more revealing whilst the grey and yellow was more flamboyant. After much deliberation I chose to be bold however I like both looks.


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