Feeling oh so catty. Meow

I adore cats so much so, that occasionally I pay tribute to my gorgeous feline friends by trying to emulate their style and grace.

Today I decided to pay homage to my own beloved cat when I opted to wear a t-shirt emblazoned with a giant cat wearing sunglasses.

I like this t-shirt so much that I have bought it twice, I chose the small and it fits perfectly. It was £5.29 from the Again Store on AliExpress, the price included a shipping fee of 79 pence.

The skirt was £4.50 from the Abasona Abasona store there were no shipping fees for this yippee! The size is small which is equivalent to a UK size 8.

The boots were an amazing bargain at £10 from the Public Desire sale, I absolutely adore them and was elated when they were reduced. They are sold out but I’ve included a dead link to assist you with a Google search.

I bought my faux fur cape last year from the Null Vogue Store on AliExpress it’s still being sold for £23.00. I bought this in a large because I like my coats to be bigger as I like to layer up plus I think they look more luxurious.

My bag is a Dune bag from Monkey Shu a great shop in Aldridge that sells discount shoes and bags.

The gloves were £2.82 from Beautyinthebox another AliExpress vendor.

I can say that this outfit kept me purr-fectly warm!

If you’re interested in any of the items use the links below:








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