Sports Luxe does not suck

I wore this red dress to a warehouse party called Shorebitch. The dress code was urban casual so I opted to wear a red sports luxe dress with heels primarily because I really hate flats.


The dress cost £14.14 and is called the Colrovie Thigh Split Maxi Dress and is sold by the Colrovie Official Store on AliExpress.

I like this dress because it’s lightweight and slightly sexy however it has a tendency to ride up during vigorous dancing. It also washes well because the colour didn’t run.

TK Maxx

The heels were from TK Maxx 3 years ago and were approximately £20. I like the brown part of the shoes as they make my legs look longer, plus they’re a classic shoe that match most outfits.

The bag was £35 from House of Fraser, in retrospect I probably wouldn’t have opted for this bag however I did receive a few compliments about it.

Overall I enjoyed wearing the outfit because it was in line with the dress code whilst being sassy and playful.

You can pick this dress up using the link underneath:


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