With the utmost transparency 

Today it rained, it was awful however I was unperturbed mainly because it enabled me to showcase one of my favourite wardrobe staples.

I buy this transparent trench coat from AliExpress every 3-4months. It’s a bargain at £10.75, I have bought it from several suppliers the cheapest was £9.50 plus I never pay shipping costs.

I ordered this raincoat approximately 2 weeks ago, the shipping from China to the UK was very quick. I purchased it from Shenzhen Vakind Technology Co., Ltd it is called the Eva Transparent Raincoat with Belt.

They also sell a version without a belt, both types are one size however there is a lot of room and there is also a short version and a mens version.

I like this raincoat because it allows me to show my outfits in entirety but it’s stylish enough not to be boring. Rain is depressing enough without being drab.

It’s also very warm and the black outline and poppers make it distinctive. The reason I buy a few a year is because I wear them frequently and sometimes get makeup on them, I also fold them which can cause them to become cloudy. I’ve tried a few raincoats but always return to this one so much so that it is a staple item in my wardrobe.

I’ve included links to stores for you below:










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