If you can’t buy diamonds and pearls wear this sweatshirt. 

Today I wanted to inject some luxury into my day, so I opted to wear a flashy ass top. I saw this sweatshirt on AliExpress a few weeks ago and decided to buy it. The item is actually from the menswear section, I bought it in a large at £9.46 from Linyue Yang’s Store.

It’s a standard sweatshirt but I don’t do baggy so I paired it with a bodycon PVC skirt from the Abasona Abasona Store, which was a massive bargain at £5.27. I have the skirt in brown and it’s even cheaper at £4.50, please note there were no shipping costs either which was brilliant.

The only negative is that both skirts had an unusual smell, luckily it faded after 30 minutes.

My fabulous cartoonesque bag was also from AliExpress it cost £12.98 from the Quinta Laci Beatrice Store. I really like the bag despite it being a tad small, so much so that I have downsized the amount of stuff I normally carry substantially.

My shades were another AliExpress purchase although I bought them last year from the RBspace Fashion Sunglasses Store for £9.97.

My shoes were £14.00 from Public Desire, I’ve blogged about them before so won’t repeat the information here.

So basically today was an AliExpress day but hey I love that site as there a some extremely unusual items at reasonable prices. Also everything was shipped within 3 weeks of my order.

I was rewarded with a free bakewell slice from the staff at Pret in Grand Central because they liked my outfit, how cool are they for that woohoo!

Special thanks to Lauren from Givenchy in Debenhams Bull Ring for taking the pics, much appreciated!

Please see links to the items below:










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