High class Hi Vis Jacket

I totally love this coat, it looks like it was inspired by a Hi Vis jacket. It is bold and striking, the fluorescent yellow garners attention.

I ordered this from AliExpress 3 weeks ago from Look Fashion Women Boutique it was £39.80 without any shipping costs.

I decided to buy it because it was completely different from anything currently in the shops and I knew I’d enjoy pairing it with my outfits.

It’s so warm as there is a faux fur lining in the entire coat, it’s extremely soft and wearable.

I ordered the coat in large as I wanted to be able to wear other clothes underneath without it looking too tight.

Today I met up with my extremely patient friend who took the pictures below, God bless her!

I was meeting her straight after work so I opted for a plain black dress from Primark £8 and my Public Desire boots.

The Spectrum paperbag lace up boots are £39.99 and are really good value as they are easy to wear considering the heels are very high, although I deliberately bought them one size larger.

My glasses were also from AliExpress and cost £6.77 from the Peekaboo Official Store. They remind me of safety goggles so if you were to describe this look I’d say I’m serving construction worker realness.

Links to the coat, boots and glasses can be found underneath:








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