The future is orange and so is the past

One of my favourite colours to wear is orange. I think that it really enhances my dark skin and it’s a fun colour that stands out.

I have quite a few orange dresses and have to force myself not to buy more for nights out. The two pictured are both by House of CB.

The first dress is the Skye dress it’s 3 years old but I still wear it, I think it was around £120. I like the pattern on the sides, it definitely enhances curves and I always receive a lot of compliments when I wear it. The one I’m wearing is extra small, however it’s quite comfortable.

The second dress is my customised version of the House of CB Mimi dress, it was £109. I customised it because whilst I liked the fit, I was wearing it for New Years Eve and after speaking to my style guru mother we agreed that it would be less formal as a halter neck design.

I know that some people think that I was nuts to cut up a new dress but I liked the customised version because it made me unique on that night, especially because the dress, was and is quite popular.

I’m not afraid to chop up clothing as I often customise my outfits.

The size of the dress is small it fits well because of the fabric which is good quality bandage material.
I’ve just noticed that I wore the same earrings with both dresses lol, they’re from Claire’s Accessories and were about £6.

The gold shoes are 6 years old and from Topshop, I bought them in the sale for £40.

The black shoes are from River Island and were £30.

The link for the Mimi dress is here :


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