Birthday clothes woes

This dress is one of my favourites but to date I have only worn it twice. The first time was on my birthday in February and the last was for a photoshoot. However the dress is omnipresent to me because it was my profile picture for everything.

I love the Solaine slate grey dress from House of CB, it’s currently priced at £119 but I can’t remember how much I paid at the time to be honest .

It’s really comfortable to wear and very flattering, the quality of the material means that it offers support without restricting your movements. I danced all night it was seriously lit that night.

The orange shoes were my Mom’s idea but I think she was definitely right because together the combination made me feel hot on my birthday!

The shoes were from River Island and only cost £30, they didn’t cripple me so I’d wear them again and they sustained my crazy dancing so it’s all good.

I’m including the picture from my shoot and some blurry bathroom selfies.

I will wear it again at one point because Iove it. Hopefully before the end of the year because I have a serious issue with buying new clothes lol.

A link to the dress is here:


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