When you can’t walk, but it looks good, PVC problems. 

I was invited to an Alice in Wonderland themed party in August, I had a phase of off the shoulder bodycon dresses so decided to mix it up with some PVC.

I followed my usual formula of ordering the smallest size, I did this because my waist is currently 24 inches. It’s normally 26 this can be attributed to my dedication to 5 minute ab workouts on YouTube. However my hips are 38 inches.

When you’re pear shaped and can’t be bothered to get a tailor you either get a dress that fits your waist or hips, I opted for the former. Now technically the dress did fit as you’ll see by the pictures, however the pencil part of the skirt and lack of zip made it difficult to walk.

I COULD NOT WALK, however I was able to dance and received a lot of compliments but I won’t go through that ordeal again.

The Club L High Shine Dress was from Asos and cost £30 excluding £7.95 for next day delivery.
The facial expressions are reflective of my inner pain at having to hop up stairs.

A link to the website is below :






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