Get the Kim K look in these transparent boots (When Internet Deliveries Give You Life)

So I’m totally obsessed with online shopping, I’ll literally spend up to 6hrs per day adding to my wishlist and bugging various friends/relatives with links to things I’m going to buy.

That’s partially why I started this blog, my people are fed up of me! Anyway I ordered everything in the pictures below from AliExpress.

I saw the jacket a few weeks ago and decided it was a must have, I think I liked the comic book imagery it put me in mind of pop art.

I liked the contrast of the Denim and the bright colours. I knew that it would be a statement piece plus the detail on the pockets, sleeves and sides made it stand out to me.

The price was good £17.01 from the Clothes Fighting Store, without shipping costs and it only took 3 weeks to arrive. That’s what I call a result woohoo!!

Please note when ordering coats and jackets from China I opt for large or extra large even though I’m a UK 8-10 and 5’4 I hate to see tight  coats and jackets, I think they look more expensive bigger.

Kim K transparent boots

I’d been scheming on the boots since summer but was undecided, I ordered them 3 weeks ago so they also arrived quickly.

The boots fit my legs exactly like if I gain weight I’m pretty much scuppered but they’re really comfort to walk in.

If you wear them for long periods they will steam up but hey it’s like a mini foot sauna plus there are small holes in them for ventilation.

I’ll review the dress separately.

Kim Kardashian wearing a similar look


6 thoughts on “Get the Kim K look in these transparent boots (When Internet Deliveries Give You Life)

  1. Hey girl I’m looking to buying these boots but desperately need help with sizing! I’m so glad to have come across your blog because I love your style and will be following from here on out. I wear a size 7 in sneakers but tend to size down in pumps to a 6 or my heels slip out in 6.5. However this being point toe and all should I get 6.5? I measure my foot flat on a paper and it was 23.5cm but I just hope if I get the (6.5)23.5cm it’s a comfortably snug fit. Can you maybe measure yourself and see what you get on their size chart vs what you ordered? Thanks girl 🙏🏽 Sorry if I’m being extra I just don’t wanna throw $60 away lolol. I wanna love these babies


    1. Hi Askrita, I’d definitely recommend buying the boots at least one size bigger maybe even two as they are very small, in line with Chinese sizes.

      I bought mine one size larger, so a UK 7 which is a US 9.5,and they fit perfectly with space for my toes at the top. But definitely buy them at least one size bigger for comfort and appearance as well.

      I used the international shoe size chart to get my size that is very accurate. I’ve included the link below for you. I hope this helps.


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